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Please note: the date (9-7-20) stamped into the metal lip of some Creek Chub lures is the patent date, not a manufacture date.  This date is found into the 1960's vintage lures and one of the reasons Creek Chub collectors, us included, only want new condition Creek Chub lures.  There are just too many of them around to buy one in lesser condition. 

Glass eyes are a better indication of pre-1940 manufacture.  Tack eyes are later.   Some lures like the critters shown below left have no eyes or have painted eyes.  Click here to determine the type eyes your lure has.

A c. 1920's Baby Creek Chub Wiggler, in the intro box, marked 205, with the correct brochure.  Note the line tie on both the unreinforced lip and forehead.  The color is "brilliant green in scale pattern"

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