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Heddon 150 Colors as listed by Catalog & Year

The following facts were derived from copies of old Heddon catalogs which are available from the NFLCC library or from my personal Heddon catalog collection. I also leaned heavily on an unpublished article from the NFLCC library by Ray Carver for general guidance.

The colors listed for a given year represent those colors listed in the catalog and does NOT mean that certain colors did not exist in those years, just that the colors were not listed in the catalog. Some colors carried over to dates I didn't review, but these dates give a good representative picture.

Special colors were available as were some colors from previous years. A prime example is Sienna Fancy Back which shows up in some later L-rig lures. One thing you can deduce from this chart is the relative rarity of a given color.  Obviously Green Fancy Back is not rare, nor is Rainbow, or Red. White, however, is not just plain white, but covers white with slate which is rare. Colors are a mind bender, so just take the info for what it is.

Lure Color

Year of Catalog:

05 06 07 09 10 11 13 19 21 22 26 30 34 43
150 Green Fancy Back x x x x x x x x x x x x x  
151 Rainbow x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
152 White x x x x x x x x x x x x x  
153 Aluminum (goldish patina) x x x x x                  
154 Red x x x x x x x x x x x x x  
155 Yellow x x x x x x                
Copper x                          
156 Gold     x x x                  
157 Fancy Back Sienna     x x x x                
159 Silver & White       x x x x              
159A Yellow Perch       x x x x   x x x x    
159B Frog             x   x x x x    
159D Green Scale               x x x   x x  
159H Red Scale                 x x        
159J Frog Scale                 x x x x    
159K Goldfish Scale                 x x x      
159L Yellow. Perch Scale                 x x x x x  
159P Shiner Scale                   x x x x x
159RH White, Red Head                       x    
150RET White, Red Eye-Tail                            



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