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Heddon 300's, 175's, & Spindivers

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The Heddon 300, also called the Heddon Surface Minnow or Musky Surfusser when introduced, came in several variations and body sizes over the years. It was in production for over thirty years and had hardware from cup to the one-piece surface mount. Hooks ranged from two to six in number, with three being standard.

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1. From the top is the c. 1909, cup rigged 300 in green back and white belly. 


2. A two hook green crackleback in L-rig.


3. A two hook white with slate back in cup rig.


4. A six hook in yellow perch with two piece hardware.


5. A two piece hardware 300 in yellow shore

hedhfh300.JPG (26253 bytes)h300.jpg (161304 bytes)h300shr.jpg (13249 bytes)

Comparative Anatomy of 300's

The top lure is a later, c.1936, two piece hardware 300 with blush on the chin.

The middle 300 is an earlier cup rig, c. 1912, note the more pointed nose and position of the gill marks.

Below is an early cup rig 300, c.1909 with the pointed nose and later high forehead, as well as the longer more slim body.  This lure would be found in the White box with the double blue border.

h300anat.jpg (71886 bytes)

Heddon 175's

Heddon 175's are basically 150 bodies with three large hooks. The two below are both in cup rig, have hand painted gill marks, marked props and are in shown in sienna and rainbow colors respectfully. First cataloged in 1909.  Tough to find too.

h175.jpg (112513 bytes)

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An extremely rare Heddon 175 in a tall wood box with the correct ultra rare box paper.  The box is marked "SEE HOW THE HOOKS ARE HUNG!" Which would indicate a very early box, perhaps prior to the time frame usually assigned to the 175.  The box would indicate 1909 or earlier.  Note the similarity to the early c. 1909-10 300 above. h175c.jpg (40014 bytes)

h175g.jpg (23426 bytes)

h175bxnd_small.jpg (5466 bytes)

Heddon's fishtail Spindiver

spindvrs.jpg (29016 bytes)

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