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Heddon 900 Fishing Lures and Intro Boxes Series

Comparative anatomy of the intro and later white type

The Heddon 900 was in production from 1910 to 1913

The introductory box and lure which came out in 1910.  The 901 number would indicate a yellow body with red and green decorations.  Note the introductory box which says "It Swims, It Swims". h901a.jpg (36760 bytes) h901bxend.JPG (24460 bytes)
The later 1911-1913 variation of the 900.  The color is white body with red and green decorations.  Note the double blue line box which preceeded or occurred at the same time as the wood box. h900a.jpg (38482 bytes) h900bxend.JPG (26002 bytes)


Side by side comparison.  The later version is slightly longer and the eyes are closer together than the more bluntnosed intro lure.

h900side.jpg (31248 bytes)h900nose.jpg (17257 bytes)h900top.jpg (27289 bytes)



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