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Below are various types of Heddon lure boxes in order of age

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1 c. 1904, "picture box" hbx1.jpg (78566 bytes)
2 c. 1908, Artistic Minnow box hbx15.jpg (55221 bytes)
2A c. 1909, Multiple Metal Minnow "white box" with double border hmetmin.jpg (62202 bytes)
3 c. 1909 "White box with blue line border" 900box.jpg (57694 bytes)
4 c. 1910 intro box for the Swimming Minnow #900 in white box hswims.jpg (49906 bytes)
4A c. 1904 wood box, with two way slide top box, The "New" Dowagiac Minnow, with thumbnail notch hnewdowag.JPG (43335 bytes)
4B c. 1910 "wood box" with two way sliding top and no thumbnail notch hbx2.jpg (90451 bytes)
5 c. 1911 "Pine tree box", pine trees in the background with up leaping (to left)  Bass hpinetre.jpg (59181 bytes)
6 c. 1912-1913, "blue border" and blue box down leaping Bass box hbx3.jpg (70473 bytes)
7 c. 1912-1913, "white border" and white box down leaping Bass box hbx5.jpg (75376 bytes)
8 c. 1914-1920, "Game Fish", down leaping bass box with red edge hbx7.jpg (67483 bytes)
9 c. 1920's-1927, "Genuine", down leaping Bass box with red edge.  Last shown in the 1927 catalog. hbx9.jpg (88247 bytes)
10 c. 1928, "up leaping Bass" box, with red edge.  First shown in the 1928 catalog. hbx8.jpg (96558 bytes)
11 c. 1932, "Fish Flesh" box hb12.jpg (106715 bytes)
12 c. 1933, "Brush" box hbx11.jpg (63806 bytes)
13 c. 1947, "Heddon wedge logo" up leaping Bass box hbx10.jpg (77510 bytes)
14 c. 1918, "Tadpolly" intro box hbx13.jpg (70296 bytes)
15 c. 1919, "Deep-O-Diver" intro box hbx14.jpg (66970 bytes)

Down Leaping Bass Box sequence and nomenclature

hybx1.jpg (51994 bytes)

hybx2.jpg (77021 bytes)

hybx3.jpg (30758 bytes)

The boxes are arranged from oldest at the top to newer at the bottom.  All are for yellow 150's.  The two top boxes have the early logo with the words "Heddon's" whereas the bottom box has the word  "Genuine".  Note the two top boxes spell out "Yellow 150" but the later bottom box uses the more common "150Y".  The top box is a "tall" box of the type used for fat body 150's.  The middle and bottom boxes are more typical for the slim body 150's.

More information to identify your box

Heddon sequences according to:

Joe Stagnitti

1. Down bass box..."Stamped on the Spinners" on long side with red, white, or blue border is first.This is for a cup rigged bait and probably extends into the first l-rig period.(Heddon's Dowagiac Game Fish Minnow on top)  There are two stages of this box: If the end only has " Pat., Dec. 1, 1902 " this is the first stage box for "Stamped on the spinner".  If it has both " Pat. Dec. 1, 1902 " on the left side of the end and "Other pat. appl. for" on the right,  then it is the second stage for " Stamped on the spinner".

ndlb1e.jpg (21971 bytes)  ngen1.jpg (29419 bytes) 

2. Down bass box..."Stamped on the Metal" on long side with red border is second. Cup rig or L-rig until around 1924(approximately)(Heddon's Dowagiac Game Fish Minnow on top)

3. Down bass box..."Look for Heddon Trademark" on long side...L-rig and toilet seat hardware. (Genuine Heddon Dowagiac Minnow on top)

4. Upward Bass Box...found with L-rig, toilet seat, and two-piece rig.

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