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Heddon:  Zaragossa, Darting Zara, River Runt, Punkinseed, Shrimp, Kingfisher Rotary, and Tadpolly

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Three Zaragossa's (6500 series) in green  crackle back, early perch scale, scale back with gold flitter.  And, a Vann Clay Zaragossa look-a-like (second from top).  Part of a collection from the Fitzsimons, of Georgia, estate which were graciously added to this collection.



Also shown are the two types of hardware found on Zaragossa's over the years:  L-rig, and two piece.  The top lure is the Vann Clay with cup rig.  Other than a few no chin Zara's which have been noted, the Zaragossa was not made in cup rig.

h4zaras.jpg (176090 bytes)

hzarhrwr.jpg (124271 bytes)

A wood and glass eye 110 River Runt in L-rig hardware.

A new in the box glass eyed Darting Zara in L-rig hardware.

A rare chipmunk color with ears and tail for a Dowagiac Minnow 210 in two piece flap hardware. First introduced in 1921.

hdarunt.jpg (173163 bytes)
A little 740 Punkinseed action in a rare green scale black shore pattern! hpunkn.jpg (13261 bytes)
A tough to find Heddon Shrimp with the antenna still in tact and the correct box for the two piece hardware 1930's spook. hshrimp.jpg (53289 bytes)
A 730 and 740 with correct box for two piece hardware.

h2punks.jpg (59692 bytes)

Heddon made very few contract lures, but they made the rotary head lure for Kingfisher and did not mark the lures as made by Heddon.  It has cup rig hardware. This one is in the correct Kingfisher box.   Rare! hrotary.jpg (46640 bytes)
A Heddon Tadpolly in the correct box.  The color is green crackleback and the hardware is L-rig.  Shown with the correct box paper work. htadpgcb.jpg (66639 bytes)

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