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Heddon Fishing Lures: Divers, Wigglers, Gamefisher, & SOS

An odd lot of midget and baby minnows which seem to have been put together by a committee or suffered a genetic mishap.

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In red-white-red, an L-rig, single hook Deep-O-Diver in the correct cardboard Intro box.


hwiggler.jpg (225621 bytes)h3cwlrs.jpg (36880 bytes)


In frog scale, an L-rig, two hook baby Crab Wiggler in the correct down leaping Bass box.


In natural crab, an L-rig, two hook baby Crab Wiggler, with box tag, in the correct down leaping Bass box.


A set of L-rig and two piece Wigglers in green crackleback, rare black, and frog.



hgmfish.jpg (81786 bytes)

Heddon SOS

The Heddon injured minnow or Swims On Side minnow. First introduced in 1927:

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A new in the box SOS, marked 169R, R is the designation for old natural scale.  The hardware is L-rig. h169rsos.jpg (69922 bytes)
First is an L-rig golden shiner scale 160 SOS.

Middle we see an example of an L-rig 170.

Bottom a new in the box 170 in two piece flap hardware.

hsos.jpg (209839 bytes)

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