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Heddon Model 100: Early Fishing Lures

Heddon 100 Body Shapes

Below are three variations of the body shapes used by Heddon for their early 100 series.

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The first lure is a blunt nose c. 1908 cup rig 100 in rainbow.

Second is a cup rig fat body 100 with unmarked props in silver flitter.

Third is an L-rig 100 with slim body in white. These are not all the shapes, but show vividly how much they varied.

h100shp.jpg (187595 bytes)

Heddon 100,  c. 1908 wood box models

Pictured below are six wood box models in various colors and the correct numbers on the ends of the boxes.  Shown, clockwise for the upper left are: 100 green crackleback; 101 rainbow; 104  red; 105 yellow; 107 sienna; 109 silver flitter.

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h100a.jpg (15087 bytes)

h101a.jpg (11109 bytes)

h104a.jpg (10763 bytes)
h105a.jpg (14936 bytes)

h105y.jpg (95978 bytes)

h109a.jpg (15180 bytes)

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