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Seen here, a range of sizes from the baby 20 to the Musky 350:

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The little Heddon 20 or baby Dowagiac underwater minnow, in cup rig is the first bait featured below with the correctly marked box.

Next is a 260 Surface Minny in L-rig. In production around 1934 to 1936, it is scarce in excellent condition.

And last, but not in anyway least, a Musky Surfusser series 350 in giant toilet seat hardware with the correctly marked box. Again, a short-lived lure and only available in the catalog from 1933 to 1936.

hminmusk.jpg (238722 bytes)

Heddon feathers and bucktails

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This first lure is a Heddon 500, one of their earliest patented lures, called the Multiple Metal Minnow with buck tail. First available around 1909.

Second is a Heddon 400 (402) Bucktail Surface Minnow in yellow with sienna skull cap. In the catalogs around 1909.

Third is a Walton Feather 40 in white with red eye, c. 1923.

hfeathrs.jpg (186687 bytes)

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