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Quiet often you will hear new collectors call older "white" body lures "yellow". The fact is that when a Heddon is yellow, it is really yellow. Clear lacquer often yellowed with age and that is the case with many "light" yellow lures which are really white undercoat with yellowed lacquer. Got that straight? Yellowed lacquer!

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The first lure is a white (yellowed) with red eye 150 in L-rig and the correct downleaping Bass box.

Next is a difficult to obtain and earlier 100 in the same color (not as yellow), but in cup rig.

Last is the 1905 vintage "Killer" 450 in red-white-red. No yellowing here.

hkillers.jpg (172561 bytes)

Heddon's Red and White

Red and white lures can be rather boring, but I'm sure you'll agree these three are anything but boring.

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At the top is a white with red eye blush series 20 midget underwater Dowagiac minnow in cup rig with the correct box.

Next a white with red eye blush 150 in L-rig.

Last a red, white, red 150 which is not too common.

hrdwhite.jpg (149760 bytes)

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