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Heddon Fishing Lures in Fancy Sienna & Scaled patterns

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One of the more unusual colors used by Heddon was the fancy back sienna crackleback. It was used on many of their different models, but is generally only found in the early, more expensive lures. It is a less common color.

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A 107, no name on prop, cup rigged sienna crackleback, with early correctly marked (107) white box Heddon box  hcup107.jpg (58287 bytes)
An Artistic minnow in sienna crackleback, with greenish black casting weight (note belly weight in the center of the casting weight, correct early box as illustrated by the "Heddon & Son", and the correct box insert brochure h57.jpg (121911 bytes)
This is as good as it gets!  A mint 1906 blunt nose 100 in the correctly marked type 5 wood slide top box (107) with the correct papers hwb107.jpg (140273 bytes)
A rare no name on the prop 157 in cup rig and in the early down leaping Bass box with white cardboard as opposed to the later red box hwb157.jpg (61768 bytes)
A later L-rigged sienna fat body 107 with the correct down leaping Bass box h107.jpg (52665 bytes)

Heddon Scale colors

Heddon scale finish is one of the more sought after patterns.

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The first  photo is an example of a red scaled 150 in L-rig, with marked props.

Second is a gold scaled 150 in L-rig.

And last is a silver or shiner scaled 100 in two piece hardware.

hscales.jpg (182888 bytes)

Heddon Green Scale

Featured below are three variations of the green scale pattern.

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First, is a Spindiver 3000 in what was known as deluxe green scale because the pattern wraps all the way around the body.

Next, is a thinner body 150 in L-rig.

Last, is a fat body 150 in L-rig.

hgrnscal.jpg (185755 bytes)

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