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700's, Giant Vamp, Coast, Sucker

Heddon made some rather large, but beautifully shaped early lures in Musky size, examples of which are seen below:

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The only known ad for a Heddon "747" or 7000.  This ad was in a 1917 VL&A catalog.  The "747 was an 8 inch hand made version of the five hook 700.  Heddon never advertised the lure in their own catalogs.

h747.jpg (68545 bytes)


1S (Musky) Coast Minnow in strawberry, in the correctly marked box.  The box is unusual in that the down leaping Bass label has extensions to accommodate the longer than normal white box for this 1915 lure.  There are five belly weights in this 4 1/2 inch lure.

hcoast.jpg (90682 bytes)

1300 Black Sucker (Musky) minnow and correct downleaping Bass Vamp box marked 1300 for the L-rig hardware era, c. 1929. The lure color is black back with pinkish sides, blending to white on the belly. Length is 5 3/4". This lures was first listed in the 1913 catalog, it is found in cup, and two types of L-rig. Not listed in Heddon catalogs after 1927.

hbsuck.jpg (71861 bytes)

700 Dowagiac Muskolonge (Musky) minnow in L-rig hardware with one of the downleaping Bass Vamp boxes sometimes used for shipping this large L-rig lure. The color is fancy back green crackleback and there are four belly weights. Length is 4 3/4"

h700gcb3.jpg (37567 bytes)

700 Dowagiac Muskolonge (Musky)  minnow, c. 1909 with cup rig hardware in fancy back sienna crackleback color. This bait has four belly weights. Length is 4 3/4". The 700 was made in a 3 and 5 hook version. First offered in 1909 was the five hook and then two years later came the three hook version. Available until 1928.

h700sien3.JPG (44536 bytes)

Giant Musky Vamp in red head, white with gold flitter, and large L-rig hardware.   This color apparently was made for use in saltwater.

hgntvamp.jpg (94939 bytes)

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