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First introduced in the 1920's, all Torpedoes have L-rig hardware, two piece or surface hardware. The last wood Torpedoes were in the catalog until 1936.

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A new in the box 130 Torpedo in the later color called silver or aluminum with green back.  The box is marked 133, the hardware is L-rig. h133tp.jpg (74111 bytes)
A new in the box 130 Torpedo with L-rig hardware in pearl.  The up leaping Bass on the box and name on the belly point to this being one of the last of the L-rig baits.  Box marked 139Pl h139pltp.jpg (64994 bytes)
First is a three hook 130 in L-rig with the correctly marked box.

Next is a rare uncataloged side hooked 130 in L-rig.

Finally a 120 two hook, L-rig with correct box. These baits have not recieved much attention in the past, but keep an eye on them for rapid appreciation as collectors figure out that this is a quality underwater bait.

htorpedo.jpg (246869 bytes)

Heddon 140 Flippers

The Flipper series 140 didn't get much respect until lately. It came along in the 1927 era and only lasted a couple of years in the catalog. Being floaters with floppy props may have been the reason. Below are three variations in scaled finish, the first two in L-rig and the last in cup rig. The last photo is an early rare "fat body" version in green scale.

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hfliper.jpg (196628 bytes)

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