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Heddon Fishing Lures by Date of Manufacture Index

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Surface Minny, Surface Minnow, Musky Surfusser, Ice Decoy, Killer, Multiple Metal Minnow, Salt Water Special , Musky Minnow, Swimming Minnow, Black Sucker, Dummy Double, Deep diving Wiggler, Near Surface Wiggler, Crab Wiggler, Baby Crab Wiggler, Midget Crab Wiggler, Spin Diver,

This information represents only the lures which I collect and was generally taken from my collection of Heddon catalogs, the Heddon Catalogs reference by Clyde A. Harbin, Sr. (see reference books in Knowledge section) who in turn used and updated a 1982 article by Clarence E. Zahn for the dates.

To see what else was happening in the world at the time these lures were produced and how many people were around to buy them, click on the TIME-LINE.  TIME-LINE will help put things in perspective.  To look up colors and rarity for a given color see Heddon Color Charts one and two.

Model or Series Number, Common Name, Dates of Manufacture per Catalogs

Model #

Lure name

Dates in catalogs

  Slopenose Dowagiac Expert 1902-1912
  Dowagiac Underwater Expert 1904
'0' Dowagiac Minnow 1912-1920, 1922-1924, 1927
'00' Dowagiac Minnow 1912-1927
  Coast Minnow 1913-1926
10 Light Casting Minnow 1912-1926
10B Florida Special 1921-1923
10S Florida Special 1921-1923
20 Baby Dowagiac 1909, 1920-1929
40 Walton Feather Tail 1923-1926
50 Artistic Minnow 1907-1909
100 Dowagiac Minnow 1905-1939
110 River Runt 1929-1939
120 Torpedo 1925-1929
130 Torpedo 1925-1939
140 Flipper 1927-1929
140 SOS 1937-1939
150 Dowagiac Minnow 1905-1939
260 Surface Minny 1926
300 as Surface Minnow 1905-1929
350 Musky Surfusser 1934-1936
400 Ice Decoy 1913-1927
400 Killer 1905-1906
402 Surface Minnow 1908-1909
450 Killer 1905-1906
500 Multiple Metal Minnow 1909
500 Salt Water Special 1924-1939
600 Salt Water Special 1924-1939
700 Musky Minnow 5 hook 1909-1910
800 Salt Water Special 1926-1939
800 Swimming Minnow 1911
900 Swimming Minnow 1910-1913
1300 Black Sucker 1913-1927
1500 Dummy Double 1913-1916
1600 Deep diving Wiggler 1915-1926
1700 Near Surface Wiggler 1915-1926
1800 Crab Wiggler 1915-1929
1900 Baby Crab Wiggler 1916-1939
1950 Midget Crab Wiggler 1920-1926, 1937-1939
3000 Spin Diver 1918-1926



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