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The Miller's Reversible Minnow, 1913-1920, Union Springs Specialty Company, Cayuga Springs, NY millers.jpg (43019 bytes)

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Pepper Roman Red Tail Minnow with wood box: c. 1912, Joe E. Pepper, N.Y. mprevm.jpg (31698 bytes) The "Nemo" Bass bait by W.J. Jamison Company, c. 1910, Chicago jamison.jpg (21877 bytes)
Pepper Revolving Minnow with wood picture box: c. 1911, Joe E. Pepper, N.Y. mpeprm2.jpg (51692 bytes) Decker Underwater Minnow (The "Manhattan"): c. 1910, Lake Hopatcong, N.J. mmanhat.jpg (25455 bytes)
The "Expert" by F.C. Woods, c. 1903, Alliance, Ohio

Upper with type one fixed hooks, bottom with type two removable hooks

mwoods.jpg (29877 bytes)

mwoodsexpt2.JPG (24746 bytes)

Detroit Glass Minnow Tube: c. 1916 , Detroit, Michigan mdetroit.jpg (20289 bytes)
Outing's Du-Getum hollow metal lure: c. 1927, Elkhart, Indiana (two sizes shown, 700 & 750) mgetum.jpg (94795 bytes) Myers & Spillman Minnow: c. 1914, Shelby, Michigan mmyers.jpg (17746 bytes)
Vaughn's Lure: c. 1945-47, Vaughn Tackle Co., Cheboygan, MI mvaughn.jpg (42503 bytes) Lipper Wiggler, Bite-em Bait Co.: c. 1930 ,  Ft. Wayne, Ind. mbiteem.jpg (23873 bytes)
Johnson's Automatic Striker Minnow 2": c. 1935, Chicago, Ill. mjohnsn.jpg (24450 bytes) Biff Bait Co., Biff Spiral Spinner: c. 1926, Milwaukee, WI. mbifspir.jpg (19202 bytes)
Johnson's Automatic Striker Minnow 6 1/2": c. 1935, Chicago, Ill. mbigjohn.jpg (86445 bytes) Bleeder Bait Co.: c. 1930 , Dallas, Texas mbleedr.jpg (36631 bytes)
Decker Topwater Bait: c. 1908, Lake Hopatcong, N.J. mdckrflt.jpg (14186 bytes)

Biff Bait Co., Biff Master Bait: c. 1926, Milwaukee, WI.

mbifbait.jpg (25153 bytes)
Charles Hoage's, Spoon-Fin Minnow:  c. 1938, General Tool Co., St. Paul, Mn. mhoage.jpg (64090 bytes) Babbitt Weedless: c. 1926, E. Babbitt, Holland, Michigan mbabit.jpg (11554 bytes)
Wilcox Wiggler

Charles M. Wilcox: c. 1907 New Paris, Ohio,

mwilcox.jpg (25535 bytes) Decker Surface Casting Bass Bait: c. 1908 , Lake Hopatcong, N.J. mdeck.jpg (32499 bytes)

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