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Miscellaneous Companies Fishing Lure and Box Index

An index of information on super rare early miscellaneous fishing lures

  • Abbey & Imbrie
  • Flood Minnow
  • Charmer Minnow Co
  • Ans. B. Decker
  • Detroit Bait Co.
  • North Channel Minnow
  • Detroit Glass Minnow tube
  • Jim Donaly
  • Enterprise Mfg. Co.
  • Haas Tackle Co.
  • Riley Haskel metal lure
  • Chippewa lure
  • Kalamazoo Fishing Tackle
  • H.C.Kaufman Co.
  • Harkauf Minnow
  • Fred C. Keeling Co.
  • Woods Expert
  • Moonlight Bait Co.
  • Outing Mfg. Co.
  • Fred A. Pardee
  • Joe E. Pepper
  • Pontiac Mfg. Co.
  • Louis Rhead
  • Fred Rhodes
  • Shakespeare Tackle Co.
  • Vann-Clay
  • Welch & Graves glass tube
  • Wilson Bait Co.
  • Clinton Wilt Mfg. Co.
  • Winchester Co.
  • F.C.Woods Co.
  • F.G.Worden Bait Co.,

Miscellaneous companies are the smaller, low production, lure manufactures who may have only produced a few lures. I collect in the earlier (pre-1940's) companies and in particular prefer the very early (pre-1920) era. These lures are often referred to as "early or tough miscellaneous" by collectors.   This is where the highest prices are found and absolutely the rarest of the rare.  These are NOT production lures, but more often than work.

Collecting in this rare area is an acquired taste, not unlike the taste one develops for unusual food or drink.  After collecting the major companies for three or four years, I gradually migrated to the miscellaneous lures as I acquired more knowledge about the history of these companies. I still like quality pieces, but I'm more forgiving about condition with these earlier lures.

pardee3hkmin.jpg (17869 bytes)

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Collection of early small lure companies

    Early Miscellaneous Lures and Boxes


Early Miscellaneous Companies: Page One

  • 3 hook Pardee minnow

  • Miller's Reversible

  • 3 hook Winchester minnow in box

  • 5 hook Michigan Life-Like in box

  • 5 hook Woods Expert minnow

  • Detroit Glass Tube minnow in box

  • Detroit Wire Minnow Cage

Early Miscellaneous Companies: Page Two

  • K & K minnow in box

  • Wilcox Wiggler

  • Charmer minnow, white with red stripe

  • Pepper Roman Red Tail Minnow in wood box

  • Worden Combination minnow in White box

  • 3 hook Woods Expert minnow

  • 5 hook Woods Expert minnow in wood box

  • 5 hook Pardee minnow

Early Miscellaneous Companies: Page Three

  • Pepper Revolving Minnow in wood box

  • 5 hook Winchester minnow

  • Chippewa minnow in picture box

  • Pfeiffer Glass Minnow Tube in box

  • CCBC Open mouth Shiner in lavender intro box

Miscellaneous companies page one:

mpardfgset.JPG (48418 bytes)

  • The Pontiac Radium Minnow
  • Charmer Minnow
  • Chippewa Minnow: two sizes
  • Clinton Wilt Little Wonder Minnow
  • Clinton Wilt Champion Minnow
  • Clewell Big Mouth Minnow
  • Clewell Snakerbait 
  • A & I Octopus Minnow
  • Moonlight Luminous Woodpecker
  • R.S.T. Markham minnow and box
  • Calumet Spiral-lure
  • Florida Superstrike Shrimp
  • Vann Clay minnow
  • Manitou Minnow
  • Flood Minnow
  • F. A. Pardee frog, 3 & 5 hk min.
  • Worden's "Combination Bait"
  • Pfeiffer's glass minnow tube
  • Michigan 3 hk. Life-Like Minnow
  • Michigan 5 hk. Life-Like Minnow
  • Hendryx Serpentine Bait
  • Thoren Minnow Chaser
  • Howe's Vacuum Bait
  • Oscar The Frog
  • Jersey Expert
  • A & I, Jennings Torpedo
  • Bite-Em-Bate
  • Winchester minnows
  • The Reel Lure
  • North Coast Minnow
  • Wilcox Wiggler

Miscellaneous companies page two:

mpeprm2.jpg (51692 bytes)

  • Miller's Reversible Minnow
  • Pepper Red Tail Minnow
  • Pepper Revolving Minnow
  • Wood's Expert underwater minnow
  • Outing's Du-Getum metal lure
  • Vaughn's Lure
  • Johnson's Automatic 2"Striker Minnow
  • Johnson's Automatic 6 1/2" Striker Minnow
  • Decker Surface Minnow
  • Decker Surface Casting Bass Bait
  • Decker Underwater Minnow (The "Manhattan")
  • Detroit Glass Minnow Tube
  • Myers Minnow
  • Bleeder Bait
  • Bite-Em Lipper Wiggler
  • Biff Spiral Spinner
  • Charles Hoage Spoon-Fin Minnow
  • Babbitt Weedless
  • The Survivor
  • K & K minnow

    Early Miscellaneous Lures and Boxes




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