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The definition of "miscellaneous" refers to the smaller companies other than Heddon, Shakespeare, South Bend, Pflueger, and Creek Chub. I collect these miscellaneous companies, but they are a bit difficult to identify as they usually didn't have the props or bodies marked very well.   I've included photos of the " types " of lures I seek.   These lures are hard to identify sometimes if they are not in the box, but I collect early lures which resemble the examples shown.  Please call or e-mail with descriptions of what you have.

This is a partial list of types of companies or lure I want to buy.  They are listed with the page number in Carl Luckey's book version 4 and Karl White's most recent book with approximate prices (price will vary with condition and boxes and usually much more than White's):

  • Abbey & Imbrie
  • Flood Minnow
  • Charmer Minnow Co
  • Ans. B. Decker
  • Detroit Bait Co.
  • North Channel Minnow
  • Detroit Glass Minnow tube
  • Jim Donaly
  • Enterprise Mfg. Co.
  • Haas Tackle Co.
  • Riley Haskel metal lure
  • Chippewa lure
  • Kalamazoo Fishing Tackle
  • H.C.Kaufman Co.
  • Harkauf Minnow
  • Fred C. Keeling Co.
  • Woods Expert
  • Moonlight Bait Co.
  • Outing Mfg. Co.
  • Fred A. Pardee
  • Joe E. Pepper
  • Pontiac Mfg. Co.
  • Louis Rhead
  • Fred Rhodes
  • Shakespeare Tackle Co.
  • Vann-Clay
  • Welch & Graves glass tube
  • Wilson Bait Co.
  • Clinton Wilt Mfg. Co.
  • Winchester Co.
  • F.C.Woods Co.
  • F.G.Worden Bait Co.,

If you have any doubt about the condition of your lures, see


* Prices vary with color, condition, grade, markings, age, and desirability.

mcc13.jpg (21100 bytes)
Examples of the " types " of early miscellaneous lures I wish to buy

Click on the photo to enlarge it and identify it by coordinates ( like A,4) if you want to tell me you have one like it. 

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  A B C
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2 mcc4.jpg (23558 bytes)

I want to buy lures and boxes like those in this private collection.

  All photos are copyrighted

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8 mcc20.jpg (29334 bytes) mcc16.jpg (30205 bytes) mcc8.jpg (19098 bytes)

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  • Packaging and shipping lures

Photos of Miscellaneous Lures in this collection



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