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Prices vary with color, condition, grade, markings, age, and desirability.

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Wood boxes for Pre-1910 Monarch's are rare and should contain a see-thru hardware model lure.  The top of the box is imprinted rather than having a paper label. $400-up

pfgc5hk.jpg (24526 bytes)

A c. 1907-1912 Paper label Neverfail wood box from the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, which preceeded Pflueger and Four Brothers. $300-up

pfwdbxnf.jpg (141853 bytes)

This is the "Target" or "Medallion" version cardboard box label.  The box should be maroon.  Note the 's and " "' used in the type. Used in the 1911 to 1916 era. $300-up pfbxmedn.jpg (18243 bytes)
A second variation of the "Medallion" box.   Note the lack of " " around NEVERFAIL.  $300-up pftarg2.jpg (118838 bytes)
This is a later version of the Neverfail maroon box paper label.  Note the addition of the words "Under Water" and there is no 's.  $300-up pfbx2.gif (10372 bytes)
The most common Four Brothers label.  $200-up pfnf5h.jpg (21118 bytes)
Second version of the Four Brothers label, but from the same era. $200-up

pf4brs2.jpg (170361 bytes)

Less common "Red Bull Dog" Monarch box label.  Note the addition of the hyphenated name. This is the earlier box of the two. $250-up pfbxma1.jpg (19561 bytes)
A "Red Bull Dog" Monarch cardboard box paper label.  This is the more common type.   Used in the 1914-1924 range. $250-up pfbxma2.jpg (23003 bytes)

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