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Pflueger unusual fishing lure minnows: Neverfail, magnet, Catalina, All-in-one, surprise,

Gabby Talkington

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An All-in-One underwater minnow with all four detachable dive planes.  A mint and rare item with all four metal planes in excellent condition.  c. 1924

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An early c. 1910, Pflueger Magnet  with Neverfail hardware.

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A pair of Catalina's, the upper one being the smaller later c. 1932 version and the bottom being the earlier c. 1920 larger metalized minnow.

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  • Top: A baby Surprise minnow in green crackleback and surface hardware, with glass eyes. This is the later version of this series, but the baby is the more rare of the group.
  • Upper middle right, is a "hole eye" Surprise minnow in rainbow with Neverfail hardware. There is no eye, but rather a hole for the appearance of an eye.
  • Lower middle right, a plain white Surprise minnow, again with hole eye and Neverfail hardware.
  • The Four brothers box a Surprises would have been sold in if it's Neverfail hardware.

pfsupriz.jpg (119819 bytes)

pfsuprbx.jpg (23595 bytes)

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