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If you want to price your lures to sell, here are a few tips and recommendations.  Let's assume you know nothing about values and are trying to figure out what you have and what it's worth.

Take the easy way one book.

  • In general, serious collectors, like me,  will pay you more than dealers or people who buy lures to re-sell.

  • In general, the prices in most of the books are low if you have a lure in excellent condition.  I spend a lot of money attending lure shows and researching prices, so I know the market and I pay a fair price.  My price test to avoid over-payment is to ask myself if I buy this lure from you at such and such a price, could I sell it to another collector for the same price today?

  • Collector to collector prices are totally different, usually higher,  than street  or anything you see in the books.  One collector will give another collector a higher price because of 'trade' values being involved.  Trade value is always higher to avoid the old 'your trash and my treasure' problem when lures and cash are involved in a buy.

  • Prices vary based on rarity, desirability (how many collectors want it?),  and condition.  Only novices want chewed up lures, so if that is the situation, then you are better off putting them in an auction.

  • I will usually pay top dollar for things I want to put in my collection, but please understand I can't spend hours doing research on something I don't collect or need for my collection.   If you have lures I want or need, I'm going to be more motivated to help you and pay top dollar.

  • If you are comparison shopping, please say so up front to avoid wasting time for either of us.

A good friend of mine has a three point method for buying to avoid wasting each others time:  "You tell me what you want for your lure.  I'll tell you if I want to pay that much.  We agree or disagree to do the deal."  End of discussion.

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