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Seven Reasons you might not want to sell
your better quality lures on eBay

by Gabby Talkington

1.  As you may or may not know, eBay Auction leaves a paper trail and invites possible reporting of your sale (income) to the IRS via a 1099 report.  They now issue a 1099 on any sales over $20,000.  We'll pay you in cash equivalents: cashiers check or money order if you like, or with a check from our  personal account.   Since we consider each transaction strictly confidential,  if anything is reported, it's your personal business.

2.  With our transaction, there is no commission or listing fee's.  We tell you right up front how much we'll pay,  which is usually full collector retail.

3.  There is no waiting for the auction to end to get  your funds. We  settle with you in days and quite often overnight.  PLUS, we reimburse or pay up front all shipping and insurance fees.

4.  Auctions are an unknown...who knows how much you will get.  This is particularly true in the current  weak economy which has greatly lessened the number of  bidders willing to spend top dollar for a collectible. 

5.  Prices for better antiques, as in almost all other collectible areas, have dropped considerably on eBay. 

6.  Right now, it is a "Buyer's Market" which means you stand a better than
average chance of not getting what you should.  

7.  Being long-term and avid collectors,  For items we want,  we will continue to make "no-nonsense" offers which guarantee highest prices for the seller.


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