Selling or quote procedures for your antique lures or boxes

Gabby Talkington

Private and Discrete.  All information is kept in strict confidence.  

If you, or someone you know, have items for sale like those shown on this site, let us know via E-mail, snail mail, or phone. Remember, we prefer lures and boxes in excellent minus or better condition, but we are willing to pay top dollar as well as postage.

Contact information for Gabby: phone, e-mail, post office address

Please call or E-mail for pricing and discussion first.   

If you are an attorney, executor, or liquidator of an estate which contains a number of early lures and lure boxes, we can help with information on what is valuable, collectible, and worth appraising if they are for sale.  We are unable to offer values on items unless they are for sale. 

Yes!  we  buy  pre-1960 wood, plastic and metal lures, with or without their cardboard or wood  boxes, which are in better condition like those seen on this Web site.  Please see the want lists below as...

Yes, we buy Creek Chub lures, reels, and plastic lures from various companies.

See the Wanted to Buy list and Price Lists

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Contact: phone, e-mail, post office address

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If we have discussed an item you have for sale, the following is a way to communicate what you have available:

 Digital Camera image technique:

  • Please use a digital camera.  Be sure to e-mail the photo and if you know how, set the size for 'e-mail'.   Be sure to use natural sun light so the colors come out correct.  Photograph against a solid colored background. Take individual photos if possible of each lure or group of lures with the worst side showing or photograph more than one side.   Please preview your digital photos.  If you can see them clearly, neither can I.

Using video with large collections:

  • Making a video is one of the best ways for me to see a large collection of lures. Set up the camera in a stationary position, with good light (sunlight is best), pass each lure in front of the camera, rotating the lure and showing all sides. Number each lure on a tag of paper or masking tape and stick the tag or tape on a hook and not the body. Call out the number for each lure as you video it. Ship the video to me by Priority Mail ($3.95). I'll review it and the call you with the information. I'll pay shipping costs and return the video tape after we make a decision. 

Mailing lures etc.:

  • It is not uncommon for people to want to mail us lures for direct inspection, which we are willing to do, with prior discussion either on the phone or by E-mail.
  • If you have lures, etc., which you want us to directly inspect for purchase, please first contact us by phone, mail, or E-mail to discuss the item so we don't waste your time if it is something we don't collect.  
  • If there is doubt about condition or identification of the lures, we are willing to pay all shipping and insurance costs for a 3 day inspection.
  • We will contact you on receipt of your lures and issue a check on our mutual acceptance of a price if we have not previously done so. If the lures or price are unacceptable, then we will re-ship immediately and pay all costs.

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How to wrap valuable lures and boxes for shipping: 

Use tissue paper and wrap the hooks so they stand out away from the body of the lure, then place the lure or box in a Zip-loc baggie.  Since I'm only interested in seeing lures and boxes in better condition, you have to be the judge on this one.  Pack the items in foam peanuts and ship either Priority Mail or UPS depending on insurance.  Please discuss high priced items on the phone with me prior to shipping.

Shown here is the technique for wrapping tissue paper around the shank of the hooks to make them stand away from the body and paint.

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Using tissue paper, the shanks of each hook should be wrapped loosely to ensure that the hooks stand away from the body and cannot touch the body or paint of the lures. 

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