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This is the way they came from the factory in 1912.  The wood box models had ended and lures were being shipped in gray cardboard boxes at this point.

This plain prop, flat plate hardware five hook underwater minnow is in solid yellow and the body is shaped.

shk5hyellow.JPG (57224 bytes)

shk5hyelbxn.JPG (26716 bytes)

A comparison of the body shapes of Shakespeare early minnows.  Note the early (c. 1907) high forehead to the later (c. 1919) flat plate hardware type with intermediate body styles in between and the progressive rounding of the forehead.

1. 5 hook flat plate five hook Musky

2. #43, flat plate hardware three hook minnow

3. 5 hook high forehead Rhodes

4. 3 hook early Rhodes, note props on Rhodes

sh4bods.jpg (43794 bytes)

Note the progressively lower foreheads

1. 5 hook, 1907 high forehead, gem clip

2. 2 hook, 1907 high forehead, floater

3. 3 hook, 1910 gem clip, underwater

4. 3 hook, 1916 flat plate hardware

shbodshp.jpg (44941 bytes)

A pair of High forehead floaters.  The upper, rainbow has flat plate hardware and B props, but the 1907 body style.  The lower red and silver lure has gem clip hardware, the high forehead and B prop and again the 1907 body style.

shak43s.jpg (41045 bytes)

Contrast size of the Musky and early Rhodes

shmukrh.jpg (20545 bytes)

Musky Madness:  three pointed prop Musky size five hook underwater minnows and a later pointed prop Musky Revolution.

shk4musks.JPG (65321 bytes)

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