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Shakespeare Fishing Lures: early minnows

Underwater minnows:

The difference between gem clip and flat plate hardware: gem clip hardware looks just like a paper clip (a round wire bent to hold the hook), flat plate hardware looks like a flat piece of metal with square edges (flat sheet metal cut to hold the hook). The see-thru on underwater minnows refers to the fact that you can see through the body of the lure from side to side. The hook hangers are held in place by the line tie screw from front to back.

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The first photo is of a Shakespeare with the high forehead shape typical of those found in picture boxes, c. 1907-1909. It has gem clip hardware, longhorn "A" style props, and long sweeping gill marks. This particular lure, a two hook model, is a floater because the hooks are on the belly, as opposed to the underwater version where they are on the sides.

The second Shakespeare photo is a later model, the forehead is lower, it is more rounded, the props have changed to the smaller pointed style with the indentations which are known as "B" props. The hardware varies here from gem clip to flat plate depending on the date. This lure may have been in a late picture box ,or more likely, a wood box, c. 1907-1912, with the paper label on the end.

The third Shakespeare photo is a later model, the body is more rounded, it has flat plate hardware and plain props. This lure is typical of those found in the gray cardboard box with the green and red label, c. 1912-1925

spvara1.jpg (202028 bytes)

This photo shows a comparison of the shaped body (lower) of the high forehead floater and the three hook (upper) Rhodes minnow.  The Rhodes is a round body lure.

shkyello.jpg (28298 bytes)


The upper lure is a floating minnow with photo finish.

The second lure is a three hook floating minnow of a later variety.  The color is yellow perch. One would expect a gray box for this lure.

Both have plate hardware.

shkfloat.jpg (39517 bytes)


A c. 1912 rubber Evolution in the correct box.

shkevolut2.JPG (42414 bytes)shkevolut3.JPG (29288 bytes)


Tantalizer at the top

Punkinseed  in the middle

Floating Spinner of 1910 vintage.

shkodds.jpg (157172 bytes)

Not strictly underwater minnows, but part of the Shakespeare collection

Top, a "rubber" like material which has become very hard due to age. The Fishylure was sold in four sizes and came on a cardboard card.

Middle, a Kazoo Musky reed lure. The hook is wrapped with a series of reeds and feathers and then attached to a silver spinner. It came in several sizes.

Bottom, is the unusual "Whirlwind" underwater lure with flat plate hardware.

shkodds2.jpg (213245 bytes)

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