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Shakespeare's Fishing Lures: Slim Jim and Mr. Rhodes

In the composite photo are five very early and rare Shakespeare lures in order:

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  1. A c. 1910 Shakespeare Slim Jim with the small eyes (but larger than the 1905 eyes) and flat plate hardware.  There are vertical stripes on the sides.  The color is green back, white belly.

  2. A c. 1905 Shakespeare Slim Jim with very tiny eyes and gem clip hardware.  There are vertical stripes on the sides.   The color is blue back, white belly. Note the props.

  3. A c. 1907 Shakespeare 5 hook high forehead Rhodes, with larger egg yolk colored eyes which are much larger than those of the Slim Jim.  The hardware is gem clip.  There are vertical stripes on the sides and the color is dark green back, white belly.  Note the larger rounded tip props.   This is one tough and rare underwater minnow.

  4. A c. 1915 Shakespeare 3 hook floater Slim Jim .  Note the larger eyes and pointed props.  The color is red scale back blending to green scale belly.

  5. A c. 1910 Shakespeare 5 hook Slim Jim underwater minnow.  The eyes are still very small and the color is green back scaled yellow perch with thick dark vertical stripes on the sides.  5 hook underwater Slim Jim's are rare and difficult to obtain in any condition.

shk5earl.jpg (60910 bytes)
Two five hook Shakespeare Rhodes minnows: the upper being the earlier gem clip high forehead type and the lower the laterflate plate hook hanger type  with thicker body and  fewer  thicker vertical stripes. shk2rhod.jpg (38178 bytes)

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