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Shakespeare Fishing Lure Hardware and Props

Most people have trouble identifying Shakespeare see-thru hardware.  Here it is side by side.

Gem clip is pre-1910 and Flat plate is post-1910

Flat plate

Flat plate       Gem clip

Gem clip

shfltplt.jpg (26598 bytes)

shgmfltp.jpg (40185 bytes)

shgmclp.jpg (23160 bytes)


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This is the see-thru cup (you should be able to see from one side of the body to the other) with flat plate hardware in place without the hook attached.

shksethr.jpg (13754 bytes)


Above is the early c. 1905 'gem clip' hardware.  Note the vertical orientation of the internal clip in the circle of the see thru cup and the thin  sweeping gill marks back to the cup

Below is the later c. 1910 'flat plate' hardware.  Note the horizontal orientation of the internal clip in the circle of the see thru cup and the heavier and shorter gill marks.

shkgemclp.jpg (25984 bytes)

shkflatplt.jpg (26349 bytes)


The progression of Shakespeare props.  

At the top is the c. 1905 "A" prop.

Second is the c. 1908 two hump "B" prop.

Third is the c. 1910 plain prop.

Fourth is the 1920's marked prop.  

All dates are approximate as the introduction and discontinuation dates are debatable.

shkaprop.jpg (27190 bytes)

shkbprop2.jpg (27989 bytes)

shkplainp.jpg (25149 bytes)

shknamep.jpg (28394 bytes)



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