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Early "Tough" Shakespeare Fishing Lures

Perhaps the hardest early boxes to acquire are the intro boxes used by Shakespeare in the c. 1902-1910 era. What follows are some of those boxes and lures which over-lapped with Shakespeare from the Rhodes era.  Some of them are not pretty sights, but they are beyond rare.

The photos are not in chronological order.

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This white Slim Jim intro box is shown with the correct lure. It has the vertical strips on the sides of the body, gem clip hardware, and "A" type props. It is believed to have been introduced in 1907.

slimjim2.jpg (24858 bytes)

This baby Revolution with Mickey Mouse props and in the intro box is first seen in the 1902 Shakespeare catalog. There are three basic sizes of Revolutions, this being the smaller.

shkbaby.jpg (69384 bytes)

The New Shakespeare Whirlwind intro box, c.1909, is very scarce. Note the extension behind the prop which indicates the early version of this lure. The later version has a shorter shank in the back. Colors offered were red, yellow, and white.

introwhr.jpg (39967 bytes)

The Shur-Lure box above has silver lettering and drawing on a black box which is shown in the 1902 catalog. The lure disappeared from the catalogs in 1924.

shksurel.jpg (18391 bytes)

Rare doesn't cover this piece. It is a first version of the Rhodes Mechanical Frog in the intro box. Note that it indicated the Kalamazoo Fishing Tackle Co. which was Rhodes' company and was bought out by Shakespeare. There is a later version of this cardboard box and then the wood box Shakespeare version came along in the 1910 era.

rhodfrog.jpg (38503 bytes)

This Kazoo intro box, c. 1907, is the only one known to exist to the best of my knowledge. The lure has screwed in hook hangers, glass eyes, and the usual poor paint quality associated with the earliest Kazoo minnows. The glass eyed Kazoo came in two colors: green back with white and red back with white. There are later Kazoo's with a metal tack eye.

kazoo.jpg (28122 bytes)

This 1909 rubber frog has the weed guard between the legs and a notched prop. Prior to this version there is the 1902 rubber casting frog with no prop. In about 1905 a Shur Lure type prop version was sold which preceded the Rhodes mechanical frog. The 1909 version above was re-introduced as the Shakespeare weedless Frog #4.

frog09.jpg (21643 bytes)



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