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South Bend fishing lure minnows

and the Vacuum Bait

The South Bend minnows I collect are limited to the early models as represented by the photos below and by those later models on South Bend page 2. The model numbers I collect are: 905, 903, 901, 902, 933, 945, 943, 955, 956, and the Panetella minnow.  In my opinion, South Bend minnows are generally much more rare than those of any of the other major companies.

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The top photo below shows a 5 hook model with the early type South Bend Box. Note the position of the logo. The color is the yellow hex design with spots. Note the long slim tapered body as opposed to the fatter type body style in the later minnows by South Bend.

The lower photo is of a later style box, again note the logo position, with the perch scale colored 5 hook underwater minnow.

sb1.jpg (170083 bytes)

Three rainbow underwater minnows.  model 901 Midget, model 903 three hook, and model 905 five hook versions.  All from the 1920's

sbrnbow.jpg (51567 bytes)

A pair of Surf-Oreno's.  The upper is green crackleback, c 1925,  and the lower an early small cup, slimmer body, in rare red with black, c. 1916.

sbsurfo.jpg (69338 bytes)

Three red and green spotted underwater minnows.  Midget, three hook, and five hook versions.

sbrgspts.jpg (36119 bytes)

South Bend Weedless Midget Woodpecker, model 926, with Bing hooks, c. 1920

sbpkrhd.jpg (8636 bytes)

A pair of Panatella's, and earlier, model  913,  3 hook in rainbow with no tail cap and a later, model 915,  5 hook, with painted metal tail cap in green crackleback, c. 1922

sbpantl2.jpg (10681 bytes)sbpanatl.jpg (14141 bytes)

Above, a very early, model 905, c. 1915 five hook underwater in rare sienna crackleback.  Below is a later five hook in common perch scale.

sbcbpch.jpg (16809 bytes)

A brace of three hook, model 903, underwater minnows in green back, green perch, yellow perch.

sb3hkmns.jpg (27959 bytes)

The South Bend Vacuum Bait is a continuation of the Howe's Vacuum Bait.  This example is the "dragon fly" color with a correctly marked "50" box and papers. sbvac2.jpg (71076 bytes)

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