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Heddon's Early Dowagiac Wood Fishing Lures

Early Heddon is not necessarily a pretty site, BUT THIS STUFF IS TOUGH AND RARE!  For the most part the paint is usually poor and the high art of the workmanship of the later lures is not perfected as yet in these early examples of Heddon.  

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A rare (c. 1904) Heddon Killer picture box with a three belly weight Killer lure in aluminum color.   About as tough as it gets since there are only a few boxes known to exist. hkiller2.jpg (31006 bytes)
The earliest Heddon Slope Nose Expert with brass hardware, two pin collar, c. 1904 in a picture box.  See the story about this lure in the Families who preserved section.

Box according to Joe Stagnitti: If your Slopenose has two collar pins, has a brass cup and tail cap,  has a nickel line tie and screw eyes, it goes in a picture box with a double straight line border as opposed to this lure which is in the rounded corner single line of oak leaves border.

hslopenb.jpg (61092 bytes)
Heddon's early, c. 1906, 150 with high forehead, brass cups, brass line tie, sweeping gill marks and two belly weights.  

With the correct wood box marked 150 on the end, no writing on the long sides, and inscribed with "See how the hooks are hung!"  The " ! " point is the key to the box top being the correct one for this early lure.

The x-rays show the two belly weights and hardware.  There is a top view and side view.  The eyes, cups, and belly weights are clearly visible.  X-rays are a good way to verify authenticity of early lures.  Much can be learned by this method when combined with UV light examination and experience.

h150hfh.jpg (210117 bytes)hxray2.jpg (25128 bytes)hxray1.jpg (26828 bytes)

A rare (c. 1906-7) Heddon 175 in a "tall" wood box marked with " SEE HOW THE HOOKS ARE HUNG! ".  The paper is exceptionally rare as is the box.  The box is marked 176 which is early rainbow.  In the early Heddon lures, rainbow is a green back, pinkish orange sides and a white belly. h175e.jpg (41410 bytes)h175g.jpg (23426 bytes)
A rare 1909 transitional 300 with the "high forehead" profile and  slim body style.    This lure would be found in the white box and preceded the wood box model which appeared in 1910. hedhfh300.JPG (26253 bytes)
A rare (c. 1910) 900 floating minnow  (901 color) with the introductory box which says: "It swims, it swims".

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h901a.jpg (36760 bytes)
A (c. 1911) 900 floating minnow in the later double blue line box which followed the intro box.

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h900a.jpg (38482 bytes)
A (c. 1911) 150 in sienna fancy back, cup rig hardware, no name on the props, sweeping gill marks to the eye in the early white box with double blue lines.  Included is the correct paperwork in the box. hsien150.jpg (355049 bytes)
A (c. 1912) cup rigged 150 with sweeping gill marks in blended red with a Pinetree (up leaping Bass to left) box. hptbxred.jpg (25492 bytes)
A (c.1912) cup rigged 00 with sweeping gill marks in yellow with red and green decorations, props are marked.   In the correct exc. plus Pinetree box with the end marked 001.  Tough...! h00ptbx.jpg (59579 bytes)h00bxend.jpg (19475 bytes)
A rare (c.1904) Heddon Dowagiac Underwater minnow in aluminum finish with two belly weights, marine brass hardware, oversized front prop and rear rudder prop. This lure is the predecessor to the 100 and 150 and rare. hexpert.jpg (6753 bytes)
An extremely rare Multiple Minnow box and No. 500 metal lure, c. 1909 hmmin.jpg (46541 bytes)

A rare combination: the Heddon No. 11 casting minnow, c. 1912 with the correctly marked early white "Heddon and Son" blue double line box.   Note the distinctive squared hook on the no. 11 minnow.  Not pretty, but rare and almost unheard of with the box.

h11box.jpg (28562 bytes)
A rare cup rig, no tail cap Heddon "peckerhead" floating minnow.  This one is luminous.  c. 1914 and in mint condition. hpecker.jpg (18933 bytes)
A single belly weight c. 1906 450 'Killer", this one in red white red, no name on the prop and no eyes.  Rare. hkillerrwr.JPG (30216 bytes)

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