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In this section are found the early wood box era Monarchs which are found with gem clip see-through hardware similar to the hardware used by Shakespeare. Later Monarchs used a screw type Neverfail hardware. You can identify the Monarch by the triangular shaped body when viewed from the nose.

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A five hook Monarch of the early wood box model era with marked wood box. The minnow is white with hand painted gill marks. The hardware as explained above, is gem clip (round wire hanger) hardware for the hooks. The body appears more fat in side view than the "Neverfail" underwater minnow and there is a noticeable triangular shape when viewed from the nose as opposed to the more round body of the "Neverfail" underwater minnow

pfmon5k.jpg (18014 bytes)

A later three hook model with neverfail hardware. The fact that it is Neverfail hardware on this Monarch eliminates it from being correct for this box because only gem clip hardware was used in the wood boxes.  (A lesson!) The color is rainbow. Again, the body is triangular when viewed from the nose.

pfwbmonr.jpg (18545 bytes)

A five hooked metalized "Monarch" minnow. This lure is called by a couple different names depending on which reference you read, but the bottomline is that it is an early model, has gem clip hardware, the Monarch triangular shape, and a marked prop.

pfmet5h.jpg (8930 bytes)

Comparative Anatomy: Monarch vs. Neverfail

How to tell a Monarch from a NeverFail: the Monarch is triangular shaped when viewed from the nose. 

Side by side, the Monarch (lower bait) is thicker top to belly than the (upper bait) which is a NeverFail.

monarc1.jpg (32592 bytes)nevflvsmon.jpg (21777 bytes)monvsnevf.jpg (20341 bytes)

Three new in the maroon Bulldog box, c. 1918 Monarch's in Perch, Frog, and White.  Beyond rare to find them in this condition and age.

pfmaprch.jpg (22911 bytes)

pfmafrg.jpg (26472 bytes)

pfmawht.jpg (23938 bytes)


Five Monarch minnows with a color chart of the colors and patterns offered in 1916.  Click on either photo to enlarge.

pfmonrch.jpg (39549 bytes)

cpfmonrc.jpg (72697 bytes)

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