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The pre-1920 Heddon lure and box

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Item: 1.1

Heddon Dowagiac Underwater  Minnow, c. 1903, 2 inches, gold wash cups, brass hardware, unvarnished body, excellent condition.  All the paint is on this lure, it's in absolute fantastic condition, with one barb missing, but it's rare, rare, rare.

Item: 1.2

Heddon c. 1904 'Slopenose', four hook, gold wash cups, brass hardware, tiny unplated hooks, red collar (translucent) with one pin, tiny circular line tie, unvarnished white body, excellent minus condition.  With all the poor condition slopenoses you see, look at the condition of the rare gold cup lure and it's all correct....guaranteed.  Additional information on this lure

Item: 1.3

Heddon c. 1905 'Slopenose', thin body, two pin, hand painted red collar,  brass cup hardware.  Varnished body,  Lure is in excellent condition.

In the correct marked picture box.  Oak leaf border around box edge.  Box is in very good plus condition.  We've seen these sell for double this amount at Lang's Auction.   Where are you going to find another one in this condition?

Item: 1.4


Heddon 'Slopenose' 200 c. 1909-11, nickel plated hardware, two pin, hand painted red  collar.  In the correct marked '200' white box with double blue line border, Both box and lure are excellent minus condition.  Paper is correct  for 1911 and in excellent condition.  This is a combination you just never seem to find anywhere.  Condition, rarity, and the correct matching box and lure.


Item: 1.5


Heddon 200 SW, c. 1912, cup rig, two screw no name on collar, excellent plus condition.  The box is the 1912 white border box and is correctly marked with the correct paper, both in excellent condition.  What makes this combination so rare is the 'white' border box.  The box alone, being correct for the lure is just sooooo rare and look at the condition of both the lure and box...and the paper is correct for this package.


Item: 1.6


Heddon 200 frogspot with two screw collar, no name on collar, cup rig, early slim body, tail cap, excellent condition.  Correct marked box 200 FS, (Frog Spot) in excellent condition.  Make note that this lure is in CUP rig, not L-rig.  Cup rig is rare in this early frog color and the marked box is beyond hard to find.


Item: 1.7


Heddon 200, blue head, white body, "cup" rig, thick body, three screw marked collar, c. 1914, excellent condition.  Needs a down leaping Bass box marked 200SW.   Again, it's CUP rig, not the more common L-rig...


Item: 1.8


Heddon 200 SL, L-rig, thick body, three screw collar, name on collar, red and luminous, c. 1920, in excellent plus condition. Rare color.   Correctly marked 200SL box in excellent condition.  Luminous is rare, but to find the marked box that goes with it is why this package is rare.



Knowledge for Advanced Collectors of Heddon Lures and Boxes


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