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Antique Lures

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Antique Fishing Lures

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Featuring extensive educational, pricing, photos, and identification information for pre-1960 antique  fishing lures and lure boxes.

 Phillip "Gabby" Talkington

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AntiqueLures Website is about:

Early (pre-1960) antique fishing lures and lure boxes made by: Heddon, Shakespeare, Pflueger, South Bend, Creek Chub, as well as dozens of smaller pre-1940 companies.   This is where you can sell your lures or find information about:

  • Educational material on early fishing lure collecting and identification
  • How to grade antique lures and lure boxes
  • Pricing of wood lures and lure boxes and where to find books on old fishing lures
  • A toll free phone number to call if you want to sell your collection or individual lures
  • Early fishing lure history, manufacturer's catalogs, and lure box brochures
  • Referral services for people who want to sell their lures to a collector
  • How to collect and what you need to know to survive this hobby

Heddon, dates, manufacture, lure name, slopenose, Dowagiac, underwater, minnow, Slopenose Dowagiac,  Expert, Dowagiac Minnow, Coast Minnow, Light Casting Minnow, Florida Special, Florida Special, Baby Dowagiac, Walton Feather Tail, Artistic Minnow, Dowagiac Minnow, River Runt, Torpedo, Flipper, SOS, Surface Minny, Surface Minnow, Musky Surfusser, Ice Decoy, Killer, Multiple Metal Minnow, Salt Water Special , Musky Minnow, Swimming Minnow, Black Sucker, Dummy Double, Deep diving Wiggler, Near Surface Wiggler, Crab Wiggler, Baby Crab Wiggler, Midget Crab Wiggler, Spin Diver,

This extensive educational site presents a quality antique lure collection as both art and history from the early part of this century.   If you would like to collect  or sell antique lures, this is the place to learn how, however there is nothing on the site made after 1960.

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AntiqueLures Website was the first antique lure and tackle site on the web. 

It was created and copyrighted Feb. 1, 1997

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