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Early Wood Lures & Lure Boxes

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Stories about some of the people who have sold their lures and boxes into this collection:  a Tribute to some of the families and individuals who preserved our heritage.

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Books & References Library for Antique Lures

Where to find fishing lure reference books for all lures!



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Information on Advanced Lure Collecting

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Heddon lures

Heddon pre-1920 lures & boxes

Pflueger lures

Shakespeare lures

South Bend lures

Early miscellaneous lures

Lure colors and rarity

Identification of various underwater lures

Grading wood lures




Heddon boxes: wood and cardboard

Pflueger boxes : wood and cardboard

Shakespeare boxes: wood and cardboard

Creek Chub boxes: cardboard

Grading lure boxes

Detailed information regarding:

  • Estate appraisals and executor assistance for collections
  • Want lists and how to sell your lures for this collection
  • Photography and video hints for documenting collections
  • Digital and Scanning hints to forward images of your items
  • Packaging and shipping information for lures and boxes


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