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Examples are shown of  the box ends of various boxes which were used.    It is just a sample from a collection and doesn't represent all variations.

Cross references on Heddon boxes:

  • Heddon box sequences by year and type
  • Heddon lure numbers by lure name and catalog number and date manufactured
  • Heddon lure color lists  ( list onelist two ) of cataloged colors
  • Heddon 150 color list of when various colors were introduced
  • Heddon wood boxes with examples of box markings and numbers

Boxes are arranged with oldest at top and you can expand any photo by clicking on it

Top End
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I would be interested to hear about any box or number variations you may have seen or have examples of in your collection.  Please forward scans or digitals of the top and end taken like you see above.  I'll take care of the expansion and cropping of the photos.  Gabby.



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