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F.A. Pardee's excellent contributions to lure collecting.  A three and five hook underwater minnow with a box bottom.  A painted prop frog with the original box.  These lures were made c. 1902-1904 by F. A. Pardee in Kent, Ohio.  RARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


F. A. Pardee frog with picture box.  c. 1902, Kent, Ohio mpardfgset.JPG (48418 bytes) F. A. Pardee underwater minnows, 3 & 5 hook.  c. 1902, Kent, Ohio m2pardmin.JPG (46251 bytes)
Delevan or North Channel Minnow: c. 1904, Detroit Bait Co., Detroit, Michigan mncmin.jpg (37190 bytes) Winchester underwater minnow  C. 1930, New Haven, Conn. winchr.jpg (167197 bytes)
The Pontiac Radium Minnow: c. 1909, Pontiac, Michigan mpontac.jpg (43092 bytes)    Abbey and Imbrie, Jennings Torpedo: c. 1900 mjenning.jpg (7584 bytes)
Charmer Minnow: c. 1910, Springfield, Mo. mcharmr.jpg (6368 bytes) Jersey Expert: c. 1907, Morristown, N.J. manimate.jpg (13516 bytes)
Chippewa Minnow: c. 1913, Blair, Wisconsin

3", 4"

mchipwa.jpg (7133 bytes)mschip2.jpg (39108 bytes) Oscar The Frog: c. 1947, Detroit, Michigan mothfrog.jpg (38693 bytes)
"The Survivor" which is the forerunner of the Bleeding Bait, c. 1930's, Texas mbleeder2.JPG (52828 bytes) K & K Animated minnow, K& K Manufacturing Co., c, 1907, Toledo, Ohio mkandk.jpg (31636 bytes)
Clinton Wilt Little Wonder Minnow: c. 1913, Springfield, Mo. mclintw1.jpg (14654 bytes) Hendryx Serpentine Bait: c. 1900, New Haven, Connecticut msnake.jpg (9801 bytes)
Clinton Wilt Champion Minnow: c. 1912, Springfield, Mo. mclintw2.jpg (19734 bytes) Thoren Minnow Chaser: c. 1940 , Chicago, Ill. mthoren.jpg (29705 bytes)
R.L.Clewell: Big Mouth Min: c. 1930's, Canton, OH mbigmomi.jpg (9734 bytes) Howe's Vacuum Bait: c. 1909 , N. Manchester, Ind. mhowes.jpg (26429 bytes)
R.L Clewell: Snakerbait

c. 1930's, Canton, OH

msnakr.jpg (50538 bytes) Michigan Life-Like Minnow  5 hk, with later, more rare, hardware c. 1912, with box and insert paperwork Muskegon, Michigan mmichll2.jpg (219482 bytes)mmichll3.jpg (384085 bytes)
Worden's "Combination Bait": c. 1904, F.G. Worden, South Bend, Indiana mworden.jpg (67172 bytes) Pfeiffer's glass minnow tube: c. 1914, Detroit, MI  With the box and paperwork mpieffer.jpg (164915 bytes)
Baby Keeling 'Expert", c. 1930'sFred C. Keeling, Rockford, Ill mkeelingsm.JPG (40261 bytes) Michigan Life-Like, earlier hardware, c. 1910, Muskegon, Michigan mlifelik.jpg (22933 bytes)
Moonlight Luminous Woodpecker: c. 1920,Moonlight Bait Co., WI munkwn.jpg (7704 bytes) Abbey & Imbrie Octopus Minnow, c. 1911 moctopus.jpg (12021 bytes)
Spiral - Lure: c. 1930's, Calumet Tackle Co./Spiral Tackle Co., Detroit, MI
mspiral.jpg (32359 bytes) The "Manitou Minnow", c. @1905, Bailey & Elliot, Rochester, Indiana mmanatu.jpg (57227 bytes)
The "Reel" Lure, c. 1932, Springfield Novelty Manuf. Co., Springfield, MO. mreel.jpg (37337 bytes) Florida Shiner, c. 1929, T.L.B. Flood, Frost Proof, Florida mflood.jpg (57539 bytes)

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